Room 202 Newsletter

So many resources!!! Some are going to be amazing for our kiddos! Here's our Google Classroom: code: wr6k3el As kids get signed into our google classroom I can add parents by email to it as well. It will not let me add parents until their child is set up ***I will be posting questions on our Google Classroom and inviting to Google Meet (like Zoom) twice a week, one as a check in and one as a reading block for the kids to read to me*** Here's our Clever Account: and login with google login information *On our Clever account I've got links that should bring our kiddos directly to the sights so they are ready to learn* Class Dojo: (Can get there from Clever or) code: FRALXI


Reading Eggs:

User Name: *Sent in last weeks mailing*

Password: 1234


User Name: first initial and last name, for example mine would be afulton

Password: 123456 Our Reading Curriculum (Ready Gen): User Name: kinder/first initial/last name, for example I would be kinderafulton Password: kinder123 Our Math Curriculum (My Math):https://connected.mcgraw- UserName: kinder/first initial/last name, for example I would be kinderafulton
Password:*Hopefully get to create your own once you click on your name, if not let me know as they are suppose to be 3 different shapes so everyone has a different one.

SAM Books:


Class Code: hqe4635

Select their name and they’re in 

*There is also an App you can download of this, type in the same class code, select student, and they’re in!*

Email me if you have any questions or concerns. Please give our kiddo a squeeze for me and tell them I miss them SO much!!!

Ashley Fulton